Address Request Form

Please fill out the below questions. You may also click the downloadable PDF link below this form and send that in as well. 

Type of Request

Below, Please list the following information. The more information provided the quicker the request can be returned.

1. Current Address, if you have one. 

2. Closest Neighbor's Address, if you do not have an address.

3. Current or New Property Owner

4. Previous Property Owner, if this is a new purchase.

5. Township or City Name

6. Parcel ID / Legal Description / Lot #

7. Street Name Driveway or Approach is or will be on.

8. Driveway is or will be off the ________ side of the road. (North, South, East, or West.)

9. Is there a permanent driveway at this time?

10. If there is not a driveway, we will need to have this marked so we can assign an appropriate address. Please indicate if this is marked at this time.

11. Is there a structure on the property at this time? If not, Will there be in the future?

12. What is the primary use of the property? Residential. Private Recreation, Public Recreation, or Business/Commercial?

13. Any other details about the property that may assist in locating and/or addressing it.