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June 11, 2024: Primary Election
November 5, 2024: General Election

When you appear at the polling location, State law requires that the poll clerk ask you to provide identification to verify your eligibility to vote in that precinct. (ND Century Code 16.1-05-07)

An acceptable form of voter identification must include:

  • Name

  • Residential Address (a post office box number cannot be accepted), preferably a photograph

    • If the residential address on your ID is no longer correct, missing, or displays a non-physical address such as a PO Box, please make sure the provider of that ID has your physical address on file. This address in your voter record is updated as changes are received from ID providers and this address determines your voting precinct when qualified to vote.

  • Date of Birth


Appropriate forms of identification include a Valid North Dakota:

  • Driver's License

  • State Identification Card (non-Driver's License)

  • Tribal Government issued identification

  • Long Term Care Identification Certificate (provided by ND facility)


If an individual's valid identification does not include the North Dakota residential address or that address is not current, a voter may supplement the identification with:

  • A current utility bill

  • A current bank statement

  • A check or document issued by a federal, state, local or tribal government

  • A paycheck

  • A printed student voting certificate issued by an institution of higher education for an enrolled student accompanied by the student photo identification card issued by the institution and containing the student's photograph and legal name.


Emily Deschamp - Auditor


Office:  701- 228-2225

Bottineau County Courthouse

314 5th St W

Bottineau, ND 58318

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